Let’s cut straight to the unpalatable truth: errors in writing, especially glaring ones, reflect badly on the writer’s and publisher’s credibility. Unfair, because everyone makes mistakes. But even in the era of ‘anything goes’ text-speak, serious content needs to be correct. YOLO – so get it right. This is the ‘heavy burden’ shouldered by the professional proofreader.

Distinct from copy-editing, proofreading is usually about checking the fine detail – ideally against a style sheet created by the copy-editor at the previous stage. Proofreading picks up, for example, typing errors, grammatical mistakes, inaccuracies in page and heading numbering and style inconsistency. Don’t think this is trivia. Even details like punctuation can vastly improve – or obscure – readability.

This stage can also be customised according to your instructions. Bespoke checks can be agreed in advance if there is a particular area that you are concerned about.

Even if your content is of a high standard, the final result will always benefit from the eye of a good proofreader.

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