Structural/development editing

A development edit is not entered into lightly as the level of change can be significant. But if it is necessary, then editing at this level will solve underlying problems such as a lack of focus, a failure to address some key points, a confusing sequence of ideas, an inappropriate tone of voice or narrative point of view depending on the type of content.

The central question I ask when editing for structure is ‘Does this writing work?’. In other words, is it achieving what it sets out to achieve? If the manuscript is not quite yet fit for purpose, structural editing can help to structure your thoughts more effectively. However, to repeat, this level of editing is not always appropriate; it depends on the context within which you are writing.

It is worth stating that you remain in control of your content at all times. Effective communication, trust and a close working relationship are the watchwords if development editing is to be successful. It is about dialogue, not the imposition of decisions about which you disagree.

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